Tiger Woods’ Friday round shot-by-shot at the Northern Trust

Tiger Woods’ arrival to the FedExCup Playoffs went poorly to plan, and now he’s confronting the cut line.

In the wake of shooting even standard Thursday at The Northern Trust, the primary occasion in golf’s FedExCup Playoffs, Tiger enters the day Friday sitting on the cut line.

The last time Tiger took an interest in the FedExCup Playoffs was in 2013. A win this week would be his first playoff triumph since 2009 and first PGA Tour title since 2013.

Dustin Johnson entered the week on the FedExCup standings, took after nearly by Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka. Justin Rose and Bubba Watson round out the best five.

Tiger jump starts at 12:55 p.m. ET close by Marc Leishman and Tommy Fleetwood. Take after his Friday round with shot-by-shot investigation.

Gap 13 – Par 5

Tiger smoked this one down the correct side of the fairway. His driver is hot today. He lays up from here, leaving a 89-yard approach at the green with the stick in the back. He goes comfortable, completing inside 8 feet of the glass. He needs to get this birdie to give a pad from the cut line.

Opening 12 – Par 4

No. 12 at Ridgewood Country Club is a driveable standard 4 at 287-yards, however it’s roosted up on a slope and encompassed by shelters and unpleasant. His 3-wood comes up simply short, and this could be a troublesome second shot. He really arrived in the fortification on the up-incline, so not as awful as it could have been from the unpleasant. He gets out and onto the green, yet it looks up shorter than he would’ve enjoyed. It’s as yet a birdie shot, however doubtlessly yet another two-putt standard. From 16-feet out Tiger leaves this one somewhat short and left. Standard. 1-under through 12 (1-under for the competition).

Gap 11 – Par 3

Tiger securely finds the green on the 214-yard standard 3. He’s behind the gap, around 30-feet away. He’s hit each green in direction, notwithstanding achieving the standard 5 third in two. Tiger ought to be no less than 3-under on the day, if not more. His birdie putt had some right-to-left break, however the speed (or line) was simply off. Two-putt standard. 1-under through 11 (1-under for the competition).

Leaderboard refresh: Jamie Lovemark drives the field at 11-under standard, trailed via Sean O’Hair, Kevin Tway, Adam Scott, Paul Casey and Bryson DeChambeau who are all T2 at 7-under.

Opening 10 – Par 4

Driver again on No. 10 and this chops down the right-focus of the fairway. What a shot. This one breezes up around 10 feet under the gap for one of his best takes a gander at birdie of the day. All things considered, he never truly gave this once a shot and proceeds with the two-putt standard pattern on the back. 1-under through 10 (1-under for the competition).

Considerations at the turn

This is a standout amongst the most exhausting rounds of golf I’ve ever observed Tiger play. Seven two-putt par’s, one three-putt standard and one birdie. Charm! It seemed as though he had some magic after the birdie on No. 7, however he makes the turn at 1-under standard with an even standard anticipated cut line. It hasn’t been the most energizing round, yet he’s hitting fairways with his driver and maintaining a strategic distance from huge oversights. He’ll have to keep on doing the same in the event that he needs to play this end of the week.

Gap 9 – Par 4

His first miss with the driver comes here on No. 9 as he finds the left harsh. There’s no first-cut harsh this week, so any miss off the fairway is expensive. Tiger muscles this one out of the harsh and on to the green, completing 20 or more feet past the gap. What’s the proverb of the day? Two-putt standard. 1-under through 9 (1-under for the competition).

Gap 8 – Par 4

Another strong driver here as this tee shot goes down the correct side of the fairway once more. Tiger’s been out and out noteworthy with the huge stick today. He went stick looking for here yet had a lot squeeze as this one completes a little more than 10-feet behind the container. This one had excessively pace and Tiger gets back on the two-putt standard wagon. 1-under through 8 (1-under for the competition).

Gap 7 – Par 4

Disregard winning or battling at the present time, if Tiger doesn’t begin making moves soon, he might be stuck in an unfortunate situation of missing the cut. Throughout the entire season he’s battled on the back-nine, and sitting on the ebb and flow anticipated cut line at even standard, he can’t bear to drop any strokes.

Another fairway hit with the driver here on No. 7, this one down the correct side. His approach is strong, cozying up close to the stick inside eight feet. He at long last gets a birdie putt to drop. 1-under through 7 (1-under for the competition).

Gap 6 – Par 3

From 224-yards out, Tiger handles this one stick high and left of the container. I won’t squander your chance with clarifying what happened, in light of the fact that you definitely know: two-putt standard. Indeed, even through 6 (Even for the competition).

Opening 5 – Par 4

Tiger runs with the huge puppy once more, and simply like on No. 3 this current one’s strong and in the fairway. He sticks this one around 15-feet left of the gap. It’s another birdie putt, and this one shouldn’t have excessively break. He had the speed relatively flawless, yet it gets the correct edge and misses. Another two-putt standard. Indeed, even through 5 (Even for the competition).

Gap 4 – Par 4

3-wood for Tiger here and this one terrains in the fairway however jumps into the harsh. He finds another green in control, however much like his initial three gaps, he has a long putt anticipating. Dislike he could have improved, the harsh is very thick. He gives this one a ride yet misses only a couple of crawls to one side. Another standard. Indeed, even through 4 (Even for the competition).

Opening 3 – Par 5

Tiger’s driver off the tee on No. 3 paints the focal point of the fairway. 294-yards to the green and TW goes for this one. He’s on the green in two however he has a long, long approach with this hawk putt. “A long, long approach” doesn’t do this putt equity. He has just shy of 100-feet to the glass with a gigantic slant guarding it to one side. He plays the break pretty much flawlessly, moving this up and off the slant to inside five feet. This one doesn’t drop, leaving a disillusioning standard. Indeed, even through 3 (Even for the competition).

Opening 2 – Par 3

Front opening area for the 179-yard standard 3 today, and Tiger flights this one securely onto the green behind the gap. His putt will have some break, however it’s a glance at birdie. Very little to see here. Another two-putt standard. Indeed, even through 2 (Even for the competition).

Gap 1 – Par 4

What’s more, we’re off. 3-wood for Tiger off the tee and this one finds the correct unpleasant. He muscles this one out of the harsh and finds the green. From 33-feet out, he slacks this one barely shy of the container for a tap-in standard. Indeed, even through 1 (Even for the competition).

Leaderboard refresh: Patrick Cantlay has the lead at 7-under standard, trailed by Phil Mickelson, Tony Finau, Peter Uihlein, Adam Hadwin and Sean O’Hair at 6-under.

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