The T.16000M FCS is an ambidextrous (meaning both right and left-handed simmers can use it) with 16 control buttons, 4 axis (pitch, move, yaw and throttle) and 1×8-way POV hat.


The program is nothing new for Thrustmaster’s items. It’s simple, yet efficient. The box contains the keep, a little bag with some areas for you to restore the ones on the joystick so you can use it even if you are a lefty (more on this later) and a piece of document.

There are no customer guides, no set up CDs, nothing, which I welcome. Everything is down-loadable so you’ll know you’ll always get the newest edition. Let’s be honest: All the CDs that come with components I buy end up being tossed away. Or in that strange cabinet loaded with historical motorists in CDs and weak drives.


Installation is simple and fast. You will need to obtain the motorists and the T.A.R.G.E.T. application (as there are no CDs like I pointed out above) and you’ll be all set to go once you connect it into a USB slot. The regular with any contemporary kit, so no big excitement here.


Like all the other Thrustmaster items, the T.16000M FCS is incredibly well developed. It’s very durable and seems fairly large, which is excellent to prevent the joystick from walking when we need to easily modify guidelines.

If you do need additional keep, though, Thrustmaster prepared it with a several of gaps at the platform of the end so you can actually attach the joystick to a desk or any other area in your residence cabin. Handy!

The keep seems excellent in your hands. There are a several of areas on the remaining and right part of the particular keep that are designed of rubberized which improves part keep and provides additional convenience while using the joystick. These areas are convenience and ease designed so they can be a bit of an stress for a left-handed cook. Or they would be if Thrustmaster did not deliver the joystick with a several of areas that can substitute the ones that come in the keep for those that are left-handed. Again, useful (no pun intended)!

You know what else is handy? The “Left Passed / Right Handed” modify at the platform of the joystick base! You can set up the keep and then modify everything from right to remaining and vice-versa by basically changing it. Do you have someone that’s left-handed and wants to invest a while simming with you? Switch the keep from right to left-handed and he’ll have the identical key position as you — except in the best position for her/him.

Thrustmaster places a lot of attempt on the standard of their items and the T.16000M FSC is no exemption. It is well developed and it seems fairly strong.

The Thrustmaster T16000M FCS Flight Pack is a complete solution for playing flight simulation games in VR and non-VR environments. It features removable parts so you can use it left or right-handed.

Worth Reviews


I’ve examined the joystick with FSX, X-Plane and DCS. Did some regular flight tickets with the FSX standard B206 and Camille Backmann’s Alouette III, Dreamfoil’s B407 and S-300CBi and the DCS Huey. The 3 sim cards offered me a way to evaluate the joystick in different reality configurations and circumstances.

One factor that I instantly observed was how precise and interference-free this keep is! The axis are sleek as butter and the accelerator management is very mild so I could management the combined quite well.

The perspective keep springtime is a bit too firm for chopper functions so it needs you to get used to it. On more time flight tickets you might get exhausted from pushing your hand to keep up with the anti-torque necessary to counter-act the blades twisting. This is not the stick’s issue, though. This is something that you’ll have with any twist-grip keep and that’s why you should really invest money on some rudder pedals (I will do an overview on the Thrustmaster TFRP pedals soon) if you are serious about traveling choppers. It listed in the Best Joysticks of 2019.

The only factor that I will actually issue about this joystick is the shortage to slow up the XY axis springtime durability or to take away the springtime at all. While traveling choppers, we will need to regularly create little improvements on the cyclic. By having a free-flow joystick or one that does not make you get into a battle with it whole time, you will be able to better eliminate the chopper.

This said, though, I have to confess that the springtime durability on the T.16000M FCS is not too much and I was able to management the choppers with my fingertips like I usually do instead of grasping the keep. Provided, I did have to get used to it and it may get a bit of problems on more time flight tickets, if you don’t have cut in your chopper, but I don’t fly for a lengthy period on non-trimmed choppers anyway. A joystick without a springtime has its problems as well — like not having anything to middle the keep and keep it in position for when the heli’s decrease.


The Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS is one of the best a joystick I have tried in quite a while. It’s durable, precise, has no deadzones and allows me to be in charge of my choppers whole time.

Could it be any better? Yes, it could. If Thrustmaster can create a joystick with interchangeable/removable rises, that would cause me to and a lot of chopper simmers out there very satisfied. But that’s something most of the chopper simmers won’t even observe so, for most of simmers out there, this is a non-issue.

Does the shortage of this function harm this joystick? Definitely not. The T.16000M FCS is an amazing joystick, very well developed, seems excellent and provides you with anything you need to completely appreciate your simming classes.

Be it in a martial artist jet, a little propeller aircraft or an incredibly excellent chopper, the T.16000M FCS is one terrible of a buy and a excellent joystick for all your simming needs.


  • Great build quality
  • VERY accurate
  • Heavy enough not to bounce around your desk when you use it
  • Good programming/settings software
  • Lots of buttons. Lots!
  • It’s a “self-contained stick” in which you also have a throttle and rudder controls, making it a great joystick for a newcomer
  • It can be used by left-handed simmers as there’s a “lefty” kit and switch
  • It can be attached to a desk via 2 screw holes at the base of the stick


  • The centering spring cannot be adjusted which can make things harder when it comes to control helicopters; the force of the spring is not too big though so you’ll be able to use it without major issues
  • The buttons on the top of the joystick wobble a bit; although it’s not a big deal